2021 Rocket Football

Parchment Rocket Football COVID Protocol for Tackle, Flag, and Cheer

Safety is number one priority for our athletes at Parchment Rocket Football. These are some of the measures we are asking parents/athletes to help us with regarding COVID.

  1. If your athlete is feeling sick or is sick, do not send them to practice/game. Coaches are aware that missing a practice because of illness will not result in loss of playing time.
  2. If your athlete has a COVID test, they can NOT be at practice or game until results come back.
  3. If your athlete is positive for COVID, they can not be at practice or game until they are cleared to return.
  4. If your athlete is not positive for COVID but is in quarantine, they can not attend practice/games.
  5. All athletes need to have their own water and it is not to be shared.
  6. All coaches have hand sanitizer in their bags.
  7. Mask are not required since we are outdoors. However, if your athlete wants to wear a mask, they can do so.
  8. At games, we ask families to social distance in stands.
  9. We encourage kids to wash hands frequently and always shower after practice/game.

Let’s all do our part so we have a season. Thank you for your understanding

-- PRF